Seven Things That Happen When You Are In Movers

was a really Los Angeles Movers big studio and I’ll put pictures in it but Mean you could live there with like two people this is my own partial but it was cool I like the outside of it really if you look at it it just looks Sherman Oaks Van Sinus heard Van Guys is like the porn capital.

I didn’t see any like people but I didn’t really go outside like that but I mean it was faith and it looks way nicer than what it did so it’s probably not or whatever I paid but I’ll show you guys Jo outside of it I lived here for the first eight months that I lived here and then I ended up moving to Hollywood I’m going to take you guys to that apartment next but twas funny because.

I needed someone to take over my leaf and I ended up subleasing it to this girl that I found on Craigslist long story short I found out she was a porn star she moved therefrom Miami and this bitch went missing like at the end of whatever was the remainder of I leave so I had to file all this stuff because I thought she died but she didn’t die she’s fine she just left so don’t stop these two people that.

you don’t know overspecialization she was nice though but yeah this is like where the leasing office sum one thing about California when you move so like I said it’s just open parking but if you look at the gate that’s not really that safe you can hop that and then I mean we just walked in here without saying anythings that’s one thing I didn’t like but itlooks safe you guys outside and you can see like this whole street it’s called um Sherman Way Sherman Way just has a bunch ofapartments but I’m going to show you guys so you don’t have to go to this onespecificallythere’s a lot of street parking Streetparking in the big peopleoh here can you show them no one paid me to talk about this Iliterally I’m just free marketing forall the foodyeah if you walk down the street youjust be a bunch of apartment.