Ten Top Risks Of Tucson Ac Repair

This will puncture the can sort of felt it there now it’s all the way down now I’m going to start opening it back up this is the weird part about this I’m going to start opening it back up and now refrigerant can exit and go into the manifold gauge set so run it all the way down and then run it back out just hurt it fill up this hose we’ve already got to die into.

The hose I probably could have put a little more in but in check for leaks now because you don’t want any leaks here because you don’t want to suck in the air in the system now I’m going to start the car and turn the AC on I’m going to put the AC on vent turn the fan on here turn the AC button on okay the engines now on you can see the AC compressor is not working.


I’ve got my refrigerant ready to go and I’m going to feed it into the low side don’t feed it into the high side feed it into the low side but do it slowly but for me since I know there’s a leak as soon as I see the compressor kick on I’m going to shut it off and just let it run but all you got to do is now it’s open up the low-pressure side and it’s adding refrigerant.

I should be there goes just kicked on I’m just turning that off just enough to get it circulated through the system this way I know that I will get through the AC system both cooling fans are coming on keep in mind I’m only doing this to try to run to try to circulate refrigerant through the system so now what I’ll do is I’ll close off by a refrigerant here run this pin all the way down again and I’ll go back up here to.